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Linux, Will It Become Mainstream?

April 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been a Windows user for awhile now, NT, 2000, XP and Vista, I stopped at Vista. I’m now exclusively using Mac OSX just because I’ve had enough of the daily maintenance my Vista machine required. But what about those users who can’t afford a Mac? Is there an alternative? You bet there is! The Linux OS has been around for a long while now, like Mac OSX it is built around the UNIX code. All that techno babble is exactly why people never really got into Linux, but, that may change. Linux is an open source OS that anyone can make their own there are two notable companies that offer their versions of Linux for FREE! Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. Both of these companies have made a final OS that is user friendly and easy to use, two things Linux has never been until now. The best part of this is that they are both FREE! Yes you heard me right FREE! There is a plethora of information on how to install these OS’s on your PC hardware. I say, if you got the time and the gumption to give something new a go, try one of these two Operating Systems out, once you get past the differences from Windows, you’ll love them! [check out this article on]


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