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iMovie And More On New iPhone 4G at WWDC 2010




More iPhone 4G from WWDC 2010



Gizmodo iPhone May Not Be The iPhone You See In Stores

May 26, 2010 1 comment

Very interesting read from DIGITIMES, check it out.

Willie Teng, DIGITIMES, Taipei [Wednesday 26 May 2010]

A fan of Apple or not, one cannot deny that over the past few decades, the company has introduced products that have changed the way we go about our everyday lives. With the iPhone 4G expected to be unveiled in the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference on June 7 and multiple leaks in the past months, we sat with Digitimes Research senior analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to discuss and sift through the rumors and facts of the new smartphone.

Q: Is the iPhone 4G reported by Gizmondo the real thing? Will it be the same as the one introduced on June 7?

A: I believe so. At least it will be very similar. The leaked iPhone 4G had a tag that said “N90,” which is the internal development codename for the iPhone 4G, and very few people outside the company knew about it prior to the leak.

On a side note, Apple initiated the iPhone 4G project at the end of 2008. According to our sources, Apple actually has another product codenamed N91 for the project, which offers less change from previous iPhones compared with the N90. It’s a parallel product to back up the N90 in case there are major delays due to significant modifications in casing, display resolution, digital camera support and so forth.

Q: Display support on the iPhone 4G has received a lot of interests. What are your thoughts?

A: Display resolution is a critical specification, since two of iPhone’s competitive advantage are the App Store and support from application developers. If Apple changes the resolution for every new iPhone, it makes life extremely difficult for application developers since they would have to adjust the applications to ensure graphic quality.

We can see this issue brewing in the Android platform segment. I believe this is one of the main reasons why Apple has stuck with the same resolution since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007.

Therefore, the resolution upgrade in the iPhone 4G needs to be significant enough to ensure competitiveness and minimal modifications in the next 2-3 years.

At the moment the highest resolution offering from the Android segment is 854×480, so the resolution of the iPhone 4G should at least be higher than 854×480, and mostly likely up to 960×640, which should provide the least interruption since it has the same length to width ratio as the resolution in current iPhones. It is also the same resolution as offered in the iPad, which should be a plus for developers to create applications that fit both devices.

Even if Apple introduces iPhone OS devices ranging from 3.5-9.7 inches in the next few years, 960×640 should be sufficient, which is another great news for application developers.

The iPhone 4G will also come with IPS (in-plane switching) panel with FFS (fringe-field switching) technology, which offers wider view angle and lower battery consumption. This is Apple’s attempt to strengthen the iPhone’s e-book reader functionality.

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iPhone Faithful Choose Now Verizon or AT&T

May 26, 2010 3 comments

So with all this talk of Verizon and Sprint possibly getting the iPhone into their rosters by next year, where will you go? This kind of news has got to have AT&T in a panic. Many iPhone users are very unhappy with the AT&T service but have remained chained to them as a result of the contract between them and Apple. Some estimates say AT&T could lose up to 6million users if the iPhone is available on competing carriers. While I’ve never been a Sprint fan I think Verizon has a real shot at making a dent in AT&T if they do indeed get the iPhone. Maybe this is the reason AT&T has raised the fee to cut service early from $175 to $325, trying to hold unto customers with threats is less than effective I would say. Personally I have never had a problem with AT&T service but I think they are going to have to formulate a new game plan if they are to combat Verizon’s eminent arrival.

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FastMac U-Socket

Have you ever seen something for sale and wondered to yourself; why didn’t I think of that!? Such is the case for fastmac’s U-Socket, a nice little invention that integrates a usb port alongside the standard wall socket. Check it out at

from fastmac’s website

U-Socket is a duplex AC receptacle with built-in USB ports that can power any device that is capable of being charged via a 5V power adapter, but without the need for the power adapter! When a U-Socket replaces a traditional 3-prong AC wall socket, you can eliminate the clutter of AC Adapters that stick out & take up space in your home or office. Everything stays neat & organized. In additional, U-Socket’s energy efficient design only outputs power through the USB port if something is connected to it. This can save you up to $25 per year in reduced energy costs. Good for you, good for the environment and with our great prices, good for your wallet too!

TechnoNoob says, go get you one!

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iPhone 3GS “RollBack”

Reports coming in from MacLife that Wal-Mart is now offering the iPhone 3Gs for $97 with a two year contract. Of course this can only mean the iPhone 4G is just around the corner and with Apple no longer supplying the 3G, 4G handsets are sure to sell quickly. You have to love the strategy Apple has in play here, stop 3G distribution and deplete the stock then price drop on the 3Gs to deplete that stock further and hello 4G!

If you are considering the iPhone and don’t want to spend the big bucks on the new 4G this deal is for you! The 3Gs is a very capable handset, it will only be lacking a few hardware pieces the 4G will have. Otherwise it will benefit from the OS4 upgrade in everyway. So if you’re not to concerned with hardware and want to save a buck, better get to wally world soon!


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Goodnight Sweet iPhone 3G, Sleep Well

We all knew this was coming…..

by Chris Rawson (RSS feed) on May 24th, 2010 via TUAW

According to Boy Genius Report, the iPhone 3G is very likely to be discontinued. Apple has reportedly stopped supplying AT&T stores with the 8 GB iPhone 3G. Additionally, the Australian online Apple Store lists the iPhone 3G as “currently unavailable,” and UK carrier O2 has altered its ordering options in a way that makes it impossible to purchase the low-end iPhone.

It’s not at all shocking that the iPhone 3G is most likely about to be discontinued. The two-year-old hardware is relatively anemic even compared to its successor, the 3GS. Because of its lower RAM and CPU speed, the iPhone 3G won’t enjoy all the benefits of iPhone OS 4.0, particularly multitasking. Once the iPhone 3G is discontinued, one of two things will probably happen — see them both after the link below.

[Via MacRumors]