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Mobile Apps Ripe For Malicious Software

Found this article in the Wall Street Journal that talks about malicious software being delivered via the app stores in mobile devices. While the iPhone is not untouchable from these malicious apps from what The Wall Street Journal is reporting, Google’s Android phones are far more likely to be affected. Here’s a excerpt from the article, link to the full article follows.

By SPENCER E. ANTE via The Wall Street Journal

Some security experts believe Google’s Android Market is more vulnerable than other app stores since Google doesn’t examine all apps before they are available for users to download.

A Google spokesman said the company has put in place security measures, such as remotely disabling apps found to be malicious and requiring developers to register with its Checkout payment service, and argued there’s no evidence for claims that its store poses a greater risk than others.

.Apple vets applications before they appear in its App Store, but risks still exist. In July 2008, Apple pulled a popular game called Aurora Feint from its store after it was discovered to be uploading users’ contact lists to the game maker’s servers. More recently, it yanked hundreds of apps it said violated its policies, some out of security concerns.

“Consumers should be aware that iPhone security is far from perfect and that a piece of software downloaded from the App Store may still be harmful,” wrote software engineer Nicolas Seriot in a research paper detailing iPhone security holes that he presented at a computer security conference in February.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, speaking at the All Things D conference this week, said his company’s employees carefully curate the store. “We have a few rules: has to do what it’s advertised to do, it has to not crash, it can’t use private APIs,” or application programming interfaces, he said, adding that 95% of submissions are approved.

“Apple takes security very seriously,” a spokeswoman said. “We have a very thorough approval process and review every app. We also check the identities of every developer.”

Apple’s iPhone itself isn’t immune to mobile threats, either. Since 2008, security experts have identified at least 36 security holes in the phone’s software, according to a review of the National Vulnerability Database maintained by the Department of Homeland Security. One, identified in September 2009, could have allowed hackers to learn someone’s username and password from messages sent to servers when browsing the Web.

full story here



AT&T Getting More Cool Phones

Found this post over on BGR.

by Boy Genius on June 1st, 2010 at 12:01pm via BGR

One of our AT&T sources let us know of a couple new handsets due to arrive on AT&T’s shelves. First up is the HTC Aria. Supposedly the smallest Android handset from HTC, we’re looking at a rumored 3″ display, HTC Sense, 3G, Wi-Fi, a 5 megapixel camera, and EVO-like styling. The last two we have practically no information on, other than them being Samsung units, obviously. We do have the full model numbers — Samsung Captivate (i897) and Samsung Eternity II (a597) – but we’ll keep digging for more information on those.


Samsung Gone Android Crazy

The word over on Boy Genius Report is that Samsung has made good on its promise to boost Android handset production in their lineup. Half of the Samsung lineup will now be run on the Android OS while thirty-three percent of them will be running Samsung’s own OS called bada. Quite an investment by Samsung to revamp their lineup to take Android OS, and what does that say about their own OS (bada)? The world of mobile is a fast paced changing race and we’ll see where all the players fall.  For now it appears HTC is doing the best with the Android OS, and Motorola, but they still have a way to go to catch Apple’s iPhone.


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HTC EVO 4G Spotted? You Decide…

So over on Engadget they have this (unconfirmed) picture of the new HTC EVO 4G. It was spotted at a Sprint corporate store in Florida. Personally, I need some clearer images to believe this story.

By Ross Miller posted May 1st 2010 7:16PM via Engadget

It’s not the biggest of pictures — the PPCGeeks forum poster says he shot this with his Touch Pro 2 — but what we’re looking at is allegedly the HTC EVO 4G. Where might this be, you ask? Allegedly the little guy is minding its own business at a corporate store in Central Florida. Wish we could have a better look, but who knows, maybe some lucky contest winner in the next few weeks will have a decent DSLR handy.


picture via Engadget

Microsoft vs. Android…What Now?

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

And the hits just keep on coming, Microsoft and Google at it now. Check out the story from Engadget.

story by By Vladislav Savov via

The lawyers up in Redmond seem to have been woken from their slumber with the sudden realization that — oh look! — Google’s Android OS infringes on Microsoft’s boatload of software patents. How specifically it does so is not identified, but Microsoft believes that elements from both the user interface and the underlying operating system are in violation of its rights. This is very much in keeping with the Windows maker’s crusade to assert patent claims over Linux, which in the past has garnished it with cross-licensing deals with Amazon and Xandros, as well as a settlement from TomTom. Lawsuits are not yet being discussed here, but lest you think this is a small-time disturbance, longtime Windows Mobile / Windows Phone partner HTC has already decided to shorten its list of troubles by ponying up for a license from Microsoft that covers its Android phones — it would be pretty insane if Microsoft sued one of its biggest and most important hardware manufacturers for patent infringement, after all. Even still, it’s now an unfortunate fact that HTC is having to pay Microsoft royalties to use Google’s operating system. Strange days, indeed. story continues over on


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Google Takes Nexus One To Boot Hill

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

The Nexus One was Google’s Android SuperPhone, the first Android to take on iPhone and was expected to do well. Google made plans to move the Nexus One to Verizon’s network and even made it available on AT&T. Now Google has put the Nexus One in a body bag, and are telling the public to buy the HTC Incredible instead on Verizon. Other reports are that Google is also not supporting Nexus One any longer and any issues users have will not be addressed. Wonder how this is all sitting with Nexus One owners who paid $500 for their phones. Check out a more in-depth story on this at


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Droid Incredible

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

So yet another post on a new handset out on the market. This time it’s from Google and HTC and the newest offering of their Android handset, the HTC Droid Incredible. Sporting the latest Android 2.1 OS reports are that this handset is fast, very fast, especially on 3G. From what I’ve seen despite the upgraded hardware and software, the user interface hasn’t changed all that much from the pervious Droid handsets. Google is trying hard to catch Apple in the smartphone race and things seem to get tighter by the day. All the Android phones have a very nice design and usability that is very appealing. There are a few things that work for Google in the phone market. First the open platform Android is built on, Google encourages new software for the phone and whatever apps you see fit to make, install or whatever. This reason alone is why many developers have moved from iPhone app developing to Android app developing, though Apple’s app store still boasts a broader selection of apps. This open source and open platform also hurts Google, in my opinion. Apple keeps development on a tight reign and for good reason, I think that their process not only protects their brand but the consumer as well. Steve Jobs pointed out that there is no porn store in the Apple app store, but you could get that on Google’s app store. So you can look at it either way, a win for open platform or a loss and risk for open platform, in the end you make the call with your wallet. At any rate, it is clear that Google Android (and HTC, the manufacturer of the majority of Android phones) is here for the long haul and they are working very hard to put out an excellent product. Check out the review of the Droid Incredible over on CNET.


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