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Mobile Apps Ripe For Malicious Software

Found this article in the Wall Street Journal that talks about malicious software being delivered via the app stores in mobile devices. While the iPhone is not untouchable from these malicious apps from what The Wall Street Journal is reporting, Google’s Android phones are far more likely to be affected. Here’s a excerpt from the article, link to the full article follows.

By SPENCER E. ANTE via The Wall Street Journal

Some security experts believe Google’s Android Market is more vulnerable than other app stores since Google doesn’t examine all apps before they are available for users to download.

A Google spokesman said the company has put in place security measures, such as remotely disabling apps found to be malicious and requiring developers to register with its Checkout payment service, and argued there’s no evidence for claims that its store poses a greater risk than others.

.Apple vets applications before they appear in its App Store, but risks still exist. In July 2008, Apple pulled a popular game called Aurora Feint from its store after it was discovered to be uploading users’ contact lists to the game maker’s servers. More recently, it yanked hundreds of apps it said violated its policies, some out of security concerns.

“Consumers should be aware that iPhone security is far from perfect and that a piece of software downloaded from the App Store may still be harmful,” wrote software engineer Nicolas Seriot in a research paper detailing iPhone security holes that he presented at a computer security conference in February.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, speaking at the All Things D conference this week, said his company’s employees carefully curate the store. “We have a few rules: has to do what it’s advertised to do, it has to not crash, it can’t use private APIs,” or application programming interfaces, he said, adding that 95% of submissions are approved.

“Apple takes security very seriously,” a spokeswoman said. “We have a very thorough approval process and review every app. We also check the identities of every developer.”

Apple’s iPhone itself isn’t immune to mobile threats, either. Since 2008, security experts have identified at least 36 security holes in the phone’s software, according to a review of the National Vulnerability Database maintained by the Department of Homeland Security. One, identified in September 2009, could have allowed hackers to learn someone’s username and password from messages sent to servers when browsing the Web.

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Finally AT&T Gets A Decent Android Phone, Spotted In The Wild Samsung i897

May 28, 2010 1 comment

Via the Android Guys

As we reported here earlier this week, the Samsung i897 looks to be AT&T’s first serious attempt at releasing an Android phone. In terms of specs, it appears to be almost identical to the Galaxy S with its 4-inch AMOLED screen, Android 2.1, and 5-megapixel camera. Our source for a few hardware details just dropped a handful of pictures on our lap showing the future AT&T device looking ready for prime time.

We’re told this phone also features a Snapdragon processor, however we cannot confirm the speed yet. We’re assuming it’s clocked at 1GHz, but you know how assumptions sometimes end up. Although the phone resembles the Galaxy S on the inside, you’ll notice it has a slightly different form factor.

It appears that AT&T may leave this phone alone and launch it with the full Google experience.   Here’s what our source had to say: READ MORE


Story and pic via Android Guys

Stand Up To Cancer


The Babbling TechnoNoob is proud to say we have added Stand Up To Cancer to our sponsored causes. Please check out the sidebar to donate to this cause. Here is their mission statement.

“Stand Up To Cancer is a new initiative created to accelerate groundbreaking cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives. SU2C’s goal is to bring together the best and the brightest in the cancer community, encouraging collaboration instead of competition. By galvanizing the entertainment industry, SU2C creates awareness and builds broad public support for this effort. ”

TechnoNoob’s father passed away of prostate cancer and we are very proud to try and do our best to help raise money for this cause. Please support SUTC if you can and visit their website at


Google TV

It’s here…Google TV. Let’s see how they do with this, Apple hasn’t seemed to be able to break into the market very well.

by MG Siegler on May 20, 2010  via TechCrunch

Today at Google I/O, the company made the announcement that everyone was waiting for — Google TV. While some glitches in the demo (with the Bluetooth keyboard) prevented it from being a “wow” moment, the implications are pretty clear what Google is going for. That is, the 4 billion TV users worldwide. Or rather, advertising to the 4 billion TV users worldwide.

Google noted that while computer usage is huge with 1 billion users, and mobile is even bigger with 2 billion users, TV is the real massive medium with 4 billion users around the world. Further, Google notes that people spend 5 hours a day on average in the U.S. watching TV — and that’s more than ever before. Then the real stat came out. 70 billion dollars. that’s the annual ad spend on television in U.S. alone.

Video should be consumed on the biggest, best, and brightest screen in your house, Google says. And while they’re not the first to attempt this, Google thinks they can get it right. There are four things they’re focusing on:

  • With Google TV, you’ll spend less time finding, more time watching
  • We’ll also show you more ways to personalize content
  • We’ll make existing TV much more interesting
  • This is much more than a TV

“TV meets web. Web meets TV” is the slogan Google is going with for this new endeavor.

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Android Can’t Search

This story from TechCrunch. Google’s android online market has been updated and refreshed yet, it still lacks a search tool??

by Robin Wauters on May 17, 2010  via

We’re not 100% sure when it popped up first, but Google has seemingly updated the Android Market website. Don’t pee your pants just yet – they’ve apparently merely shuffled some things around along with other layout changes. Still no search, still no way to download apps OTA, still no statistics of any kind.

On the bright side, the interface is more straightforward than it used to be. You can see a screenshot of the ‘old’ UI in this post, in which Jason Kincaid rightly calls for an Android Market desktop client – as you can tell the new website makes it a tad easier to browse different categories for both free and paid apps.

Google being Google, I’m really surprised the new website still lacks search functionality.

I mean, it’s fine that you can look up apps from your Android phone, but what if you don’t happen to have it on you? There’s no way to check if there’s a Skype or Facebook client for Android by browsing the Market website, unless you happen to stumble upon them in the listings of featured, top free or top paid apps.

Granted, they are clear about the Android Market website serving as a showcase of apps only right at the top of the new website, but that doesn’t explain why they choose not to make it more useful.

Good thing there are sites like Cyrket and AndroLib (update: and AppBrain) to do what Google apparently can’t or won’t: make a decent website for people who’d like to peruse the Android marketplace.

(Thanks to Charly Omer for the heads up)


Tom Tom Fighting To Stay Relevent

With the domination of iPhones across the globe and Android phones following nicely along, do we really have need for our old navigation units? Why have another gadget when my iPhone has an App for that? Well tom tom isn’t ready to go down without a fight. They are hoping to keep GPS navigation gadgets going with their very own App store for their Go Live GPS navigation hardware. But how safe would something like this be? Driving along surfing the App store on your dash mounted navi sure doesn’t sound safe to me, but then again, you could do the same on your Droid or iPhone. Seriously though, the single most important thing the tom tom doesn’t have is a phone. It would be hard to convince customers to fork out more money for a gadget that really has no use when they already have gadgets that do the same thing. Of course you could argue that the tom tom has a better screen designed for navigation, and you would be right. But I think trying to compete with the likes of Google and Apple is just not going to work. Of course I’m sure there were those who said iPhone and Android would never pan out either. Here’s hoping I can deal with egg on my face if they pull it off!


Samsung Gone Android Crazy

The word over on Boy Genius Report is that Samsung has made good on its promise to boost Android handset production in their lineup. Half of the Samsung lineup will now be run on the Android OS while thirty-three percent of them will be running Samsung’s own OS called bada. Quite an investment by Samsung to revamp their lineup to take Android OS, and what does that say about their own OS (bada)? The world of mobile is a fast paced changing race and we’ll see where all the players fall.  For now it appears HTC is doing the best with the Android OS, and Motorola, but they still have a way to go to catch Apple’s iPhone.


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