This blog is for my own personal enjoyment and fulfillment of my own need to have a laugh on occasion. Most of what you’ll read is just my opinion and some what you read will be quotes and ideas from other websites. Currently I am pursuing my Computer Networking Degree from DeVry University and I currently work in the technology field. I certainly hope you enjoy reading this blog, comments and emails are welcome. Acknowledgment and thanks go to any and all sources I link to, please email if you have any issues.

One other note. I am an Apple user, I have an iPhone and a PowerBook G4 (I also have Windows and Linux machines but my main is my Apple). I certainly do my best to cover news in a fair and objective manner. But don’t be surprised to find my opinion interjected in posts on occassion.


feel free to drop us a line at technonoob@techie.com

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