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iPhone App Review (Homerun Battle 3D)

There are literally thousands of apps out there in iPhone land and few of them really stand out amongst the crowd. One of the most popular apps in the Apple App Store is Angry Birds and I would wager to say it’s hard to match that apps success.

So it surprised me when I ran across Homerun Battle 3D by Com2Us. I was not expecting much of anything when I saw the ratings on the game so I simply downloaded the free version. And to my amazement, I found the graphics and gameplay fun and simple (and fast).

I highly recommend the free version, it’s fun and you can play against opponents online. The only speed bump Homerun Battle 3D hits is its full version price of $4.99. Angry Birds is a rich and highly fun game and does it all for .99 cents. I’m not sure why the developers think this is worth $4.99 but I reason that the ratings would go up quickly if this app were .99 cents.

Homerun Battle 3D


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