Ubuntu 10.04 Going Strong

So Ubuntu 10.04 is residing happily on my Dell D800 doing it’s job very well and looking good doing it. Sun Virtual Box is running Windows Vista perfectly and I’ve had no major issues with the box at all. Even my wife, a life long Windows user, hasn’t been able to find anything to complain about in this distro, she’s been a mac user since I switched. At any rate, I thought I’d share a great “Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 10.04” article I ran across. I found this article helpful and informative, great for new Ubuntu users to use as a guide! Here is the first part of the article.

4/29/2010 by d0od via omgubuntu

1. Run Update Manager

Just because you’ve installed the latest version of Ubuntu doesn’t mean that there won’t be some updates and patches waiting for you. Make sure you run the update manager (if it doesn’t update you first) so that you’re benefitting from the latest fixes and features.

2. Enable graphics card drivers for 3D fun

If you want to use advanced desktop effects such as Compiz (3d Cube, wobbly windows) then you will need to enable the “official” drivers for your graphics card.

Ubuntu should automatically detect and alert you that 3D drivers are available. If so, you will see a ‘circuit board’ icon appear on the top panel. Click this and follow the prompts.

If Ubuntu fails to detect any hardware (do be patient as this isn’t always instant) then you can manually run the hardware configuration tool yourself from the System > Preferences menu.

3. Enable playback of MP3’s, MP4’s & more

It’s a shame this step has to be included at all but sadly Ubuntu aren’t allowed by law to ship certain multimedia codec’s out of the box. Installing them yourself, thankfully, is a breeze – just click the button below!


Check out the FULL article for the rest of the top ten at omgubuntu.co.uk


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