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I Give You My Word 24 Is Over Tonight

So 24 has had a long and acclaimed run over on the Fox Network (I know this post doesn’t have much to do with tech and gadgets but it is my blog afterall :-p  It was only this year that my wife and I decided to watch Jack Bauer and his adventures on 24, and then Fox cancels it, anyway. This is my first season watching 24, I know I’m late so sue me! And I must say that both my wife and I have enjoyed the show so much we decided to get all the seasons from the library and watch them.

So after watching all this season and season 1 I have decided there are three characters on 24. Jack Bauer, those who love Jack Bauer and think he walks on water and those who hate Jack Bauer and want to kill him in 24 hours. Those are your major characters, the minor characters are just extras walking in and out of frame. For all its clichéd story lines and weak character personas, I enjoy this crime adventure and am going to miss it very much. I especially will miss laughing at how many times Jack Bauer says, “I give you my word”. Does he ever keep his word??

Congrats Jack Bauer and 24, on a great run and a super show! Looking forward to the movies coming soon!! I give you my word!!! 😉


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