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Fawning Over Ubuntu 10.04

This is the third article I am posting on Ubuntu 10.04, the latest distro from the Ubuntu team. I’m feeling like a Ubuntu fanboy at this point I just might have to change the blogs name (ok that’s going too far). After installing Ubuntu 10.04 on a friends laptop I had to get it myself. Now regular readers will know my affinity for Apple products but I found myself up to the wee hours playing with Ubuntu 10.04. It was like a drug, checking out all the cool programs and neat eye candy the OS could do, I was mesmerized.

After playing with and tweaking cairo-dock and finding a desktop wallpaper I liked I moved on to installing Sun Virtual Box. I’ve tried to install XP on previous versions of Ubuntu and met with a lot of frustration and mental anguish. This time I thought I would give the Sun VB another shot and install Vista on it. Doing this is much more than an experiment for me, the classes I take at school require Windows software and sometimes my mac just won’t do. And having a ten-year old mac I don’t have BootCamp and refuse to spend money on Parallels. So I bite the bullet and use my XP box to do what I need for school. Long story short, Virtual Box proved to be a great addition to my Ubuntu install. I like being able to use Windows in the background for the required software yet I am able to switch over to Ubuntu quickly to do anything else I want.

I can’t say enough good things about this Ubuntu distro, I highly recommend you upgrade if you use older Ubuntu distros or if you’re a PC user who’s itching for a change from Windows, download the ISO and give it a whirl without even installing it. Yes, Ubuntu Live CD will let you test drive the distro without even installing it. Again, well done Ubuntu crew, keep up the work and thanks for a beautiful and functional OS!

Ubuntu 10.04 ISO


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