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Mac and Windows Guy Rest In Peace

Story from Engadget reporting the death of the mac and windows guys, two thumbs up for this decision!

By Donald Melanson posted May 21st 2010 11:15AM via Engadget

There’s been rumors that Apple had ended its long-running of “Get a Mac” ad campaign ever since Justin “Mac” Long said he thought they might be done last month, and it looks like that’s now finally been confirmed by Apple — the company has pulled all the ads from its site and is instead redirecting folks to its new “Why You’ll Love a Mac” page. Of course, the move doesn’t exactly come as a huge surprise considering that Apple hasn’t produced a new one since its Windows 7-challenging ads last October, and Apple has certainly had plenty of prime material since then. Head on past the break for look at one of the more recent highlights, and hit up the more coverage links below if you feel like reminiscing a bit more. As for what’s next for Apple, we can only guess. A triumphant return of Jeff Goldblum, perhaps?

picture and video from Engadget


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