Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Just a quick review and thoughts on Ubuntu’s latest release.

I’ve worked with a few Ubuntu distros and each one had its own charm and everyone was user-friendly. With 10.04 I found that the trend continues and is better than ever! Out of the box Ubuntu is not only functional but it is beautiful. Of course there are always the few tweeks you have to install to make it complete (mostly because Ubuntu is not allowed to package restricted extras in the distro) but it is a minor task well worth the time. The wallpapers and themes in this version are amazing and of course the compiz fusion eye candy is amazing! Cairo Dock is also much improved with nice themes and better functionality, I found AWN was a better choice in earlier distro’s but Cairo-Dock works great in 10.04. The screenlets are also improved and seem to run much smoother and really beautify the desktop.

Overall I think 10.04 is another great step forward to Ubnutu and Linux in general to get into the hands and homes of the average user. Kudos to the Ubuntu team for a great OS distro, keep up the great work guys!

get the Ubuntu 10.04 iso here


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