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Apple Store Customer Service

So my white iPhone 3Gs shut itself down a few weeks back with no indication as to why, I ignored it and turned the phone back on. Then yesterday I was navigating to one of my favorite apps (Angry Birds) and the screen flickered and went black, then Apple logo showed up and it stuck there for over 15 minutes. Let’s face it, Apple has made millions of these phones, there are bound to be problems with some here and there. So this article is in no way complaining about the problems I had with my iPhone, rather I wanted to focus on the Apple Store that I went to and how they took care of it.

Upon entering the store I was greeted nicely by two employees and asked if I needed assistance. I told them what I needed and they brought me to another employee who was logging in customers for service. I was told that my wait would be 30-40mins and I told him that was fine, that I would hang out at the store. While waiting I browsed the store and surfed the web on a very nice MacBook Pro 17″ (TechnoNoob needs a new Mac badly, the old Powerbook is hanging on not sure how much longer though). When it was my turn the Apple Tech looked over at me and called me by name, apparantly when they log you in the Tech also gets a description of what you’re wearing so they can find you and great you, nice touch.

So to the point of the story. The Apple Tech and I went to the counter and I explained the problem, he hooked my phone to his laptop and told me in less than 5 minutes that he would give me a new phone. I was in shock! Now let me tell you, I have had many phones with AT&T and I’ve had 3 or 4 of them break on me and the hassle of getting a replacement from them was mind numbing! So there I sat for 5 minutes and I’m presented with a replacement and an apology for the problems I was having with my phone, amazing! Once again Apple has given me more reasons to purchase their products, sure the price range is a little higher than some but the integrity and care they put into the product and customer service is well worth the extra dough.

Well done Apple Store of Naperville, IL! Well done!


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