iPad No Book Killer

This story from TUAW.com talks about how the iPad won’t be the end of physical books, well duh! While I am an admitted Apple fan, I wouldn’t even think that the iPad would replace old school books.

by Michael Grothaus (RSS feed) on May 8th 2010 at 3:00PM via TUAW.com

It was the newest of technologies, it was the oldest of technologies. A while back I wrote an opinion piece on my lament over Penguin Books’ John Makinson trying to reinvent books on the iPad. In response to the article, I received emails that ranged from people calling me a Luddite to readers asking me to petition Penguin to keep books from becoming audio, video, and streaming monstrosities. What people on both sides of the debate misunderstood was that I am not against ebooks. I’m against turning an ebook into a multimedia experience that detracts from the work of literature. continued


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