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Tom Tom Fighting To Stay Relevent

With the domination of iPhones across the globe and Android phones following nicely along, do we really have need for our old navigation units? Why have another gadget when my iPhone has an App for that? Well tom tom isn’t ready to go down without a fight. They are hoping to keep GPS navigation gadgets going with their very own App store for their Go Live GPS navigation hardware. But how safe would something like this be? Driving along surfing the App store on your dash mounted navi sure doesn’t sound safe to me, but then again, you could do the same on your Droid or iPhone. Seriously though, the single most important thing the tom tom doesn’t have is a phone. It would be hard to convince customers to fork out more money for a gadget that really has no use when they already have gadgets that do the same thing. Of course you could argue that the tom tom has a better screen designed for navigation, and you would be right. But I think trying to compete with the likes of Google and Apple is just not going to work. Of course I’m sure there were those who said iPhone and Android would never pan out either. Here’s hoping I can deal with egg on my face if they pull it off!


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