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Microsoft’s Future With Mobile Companies

Now that HP has purchased Palm (and its WebOS platform) where does that leave Microsoft in HP’s future? It’s not at all unreasonable to say that HP will be developing mobile products with WebOS rather than Windows 7 Mobile. After all, they purchased the technology for 1.2 billion dollars. So as mobile companies start moving to Android and HP buying WebOS, where will Microsoft’s best bet be? For the most part Microsoft has always been a software company, unlike Apple who produces both hardware and software (incidentally, that’s why I believe Apple has a superior product). Microsoft needs to expand and move into the hardware market. The Courier Tablet would have been a great chance for them to show that they can produce great hardware. But Microsoft must also think about revamping and reinventing their operating systems (especially mobile OS’s). The HP Slate was killed because HP didn’t like the way Windows 7 operated on their hardware (though I think buying WebOS certainly had a major role in that choice). Microsoft is stuck in a rut of desktops and laptops, while the rest of the world is moving to mobiles and tablets. Microsoft certainly has the talent and resources to innovate and get back on track, the question is, will they ? It’s time Microsoft, it’s time to innovate, quit being safe and invest in the future of computing!


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