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Microsoft Courier Tablet RIP

Gizmodo is reporting that the Courier has been scrapped and is speculating that the iPad and upcoming Android and WebOS tablets may have been the cause. The Courier was a Microsoft dual screen tablet concept that might have had potential (in this writer’s opinion).  Personally, as an Apple fan and someone who would love to have his own iPad, it’s too bad Microsoft made this choice. While the Courier has its faults, a pen interface being the worst, it would have been a real cool machine to see, and it never hurts to have competition in the marketplace. There was no information detailing the extent of production the device was in but Gizmodo may be right. Microsoft may see the Courier as a money pit rather than a money maker with the release of the iPad.

There are several ways to save this concept.  First, use an all touch interface and get rid of the pen (Palm is dead).  Second, and I’ve commented on this before, a device like this (or a potential ZunePhone) will need a whole new Operating System concept. These devices like the iPhone and iPad are more entertainment than productivity.   You can marry them both, but in the end one has to dominate the other. An idea for Microsoft would be to have a separate division for products like this,  a business model and entertainment model product line. I for one encourage Microsoft to take the reins and get into the market and challenge Apple and Google, it can only be better for the customer. Well, here’s hoping we haven’t seen the last of this cool little device.  You never know, it may come up under a different name.


picture from gizmodo.com

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