Bye Bye HP Slate

Another iPad challenger being put out to pasture? Engadget reporting today [via TechCrunch] that HP is killing their announced HP Slate. Rumors are HP did not like the performance of Windows 7 on the Slate. I’ve posted this over and over: Microsoft needs to make a fresh OS for devices like this.  Innovation is the key to success for Microsoft iPad type devices! Check out Engadget’s report below.

By Laura June posted Apr 30th 2010 10:46AM via Engadget

Last night TechCrunch reported that, according to an unnamed “source briefed on the matter,” HP had stopped development of the Slate in its tracks, killing off the project entirely. Why? Well, according to the source, HP isn’t thrilled with Windows 7’s performance on the tablet. The Slate — which was officially unveiled in January by Steve Ballmer himself — had a rumored price of $549, and was supposedly launching in June. So, what should we make of all this? Well, there’s probably some major chaos over at HP with the news of the Palm acquisition, so we wouldn’t be surprised to hear some shaky — or even incorrect — information coming out of the company right now. On the other hand, HP killing off the project doesn’t sound completely out of the realm of possibility to us. We’ve reached out to HP for comment, but they’ve yet to get back to us. We’ll let you know when we hear something more concrete. Check out


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