The ZunePhone

So the rumor (or hopes and dreams in this case) circulating is that Microsoft is planning a ZunePhone. Here are my thoughts on this. Microsoft needs to be original and innovative if they are to pull a ZunePhone off; otherwise, they run the risk of being called an iPhone immitator. A couple of thoughts on how Microsoft can make a ZunePhone work.

The ZunePhone will need to have a whole new OS. They need to dump Windows 7 and Windows Mobile and begin from the ground up. Windows 7 Mobile is excellent for the business segment of mobile phones, as is Blackberry 6, but to market something like the ZunePhone you need to hit the “fun” demographic. iPhone has been criticized for its lack of productivity use, and they’re right. iPhone was not intended to land the business demographic, Apple hit the right audience and Microsoft needs to hit that same market.

Another must have for the ZunePhone is to offer simple things the iPhone does not offer like a user replaceable battery and expanded SD storage. Microsoft will also have to work hard at developing an App store like iTunes. You cannot argue with the job Apple has done with its App store,  and Android is catching up to them. But other than Google, the Apple App store has no serious competition.

Bottom line is there are things Microsoft can do to bring a ZunePhone to reality, but are they prepared to spend the R&D money and time to develop it? Or will they simply repackage existing hardware and software? Big mistake if they choose the latter.


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