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Microsoft vs. Android…What Now?

And the hits just keep on coming, Microsoft and Google at it now. Check out the story from Engadget.

story by By Vladislav Savov via Engadget.com

The lawyers up in Redmond seem to have been woken from their slumber with the sudden realization that — oh look! — Google’s Android OS infringes on Microsoft’s boatload of software patents. How specifically it does so is not identified, but Microsoft believes that elements from both the user interface and the underlying operating system are in violation of its rights. This is very much in keeping with the Windows maker’s crusade to assert patent claims over Linux, which in the past has garnished it with cross-licensing deals with Amazon and Xandros, as well as a settlement from TomTom. Lawsuits are not yet being discussed here, but lest you think this is a small-time disturbance, longtime Windows Mobile / Windows Phone partner HTC has already decided to shorten its list of troubles by ponying up for a license from Microsoft that covers its Android phones — it would be pretty insane if Microsoft sued one of its biggest and most important hardware manufacturers for patent infringement, after all. Even still, it’s now an unfortunate fact that HTC is having to pay Microsoft royalties to use Google’s operating system. Strange days, indeed. story continues over on Engadget.com


picture from Engadget.com

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