iPad Virus, Really?

itnews.com (Australia) is reporting that Apple iPad users are being warned of a potential virus that is effecting iPads. The virus is concealed as a link to an Apple iTunes update through the user’s email. Opening the link will give the criminals access to any sensitive data on the iPad as well as install malware onto the system. “It also tries to read the keys and serial numbers of the software installed on the device, and logs the passwords to any webmail, IM or protected storage accounts.” Now, it’s not clear if this is only affecting users in Australia or if this email attack is worldwide. TechnoNoob will try to keep an eye open for updates on the situation.


picture from wired.com

UPDATE: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/ is now reporting that the iPad virus is intended for Windows users, not actual iPad or OSX users. Here’s a blurb from that article.

“Yesterday it (Bit Defender) issued a press release entitled ‘Warning on early iPad virus’, which on first glance reads that BitDefender has been clever enough to find the first virus that can infect the Apple iPad. Further careful reading shows that this is just yet another Windows scam, which tries to trick iPad owners to download an iTunes update for their iPad, using their Windows computer.” FULL STORY

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