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Will The iPhone 4G/HD Make It’s Debut in June?

After the big fiasco that was the Gizmodo exclusive (you know, the one where they paid $5,000 for a “stolen” Apple prototype) are we going to see the new iPhone in June? Police are investigating the whole situation with the iPhone 4G “theft”, whatever you want to call it. So, in light of this mess, will Apple remain on track as they have and release the new iPhone, or will they wait due to legal reasons? Another question to ask is if the new product will be called the 4G or the HD, as it won’t run on a 4G network. Personally I think Apple will stay on track and release both the new OS4 and the new iPhone in mid-June. If Apple is anything, it is predictable about its product launches. On a footnote to the Gizmodo/iPhone story:  on Friday police raided Jason Chen’s home and confiscated several computers. Check out Gizmodo for that story.


picture from http://www.dingbats.nl

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