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Windows 7 Phone

So Apple has certainly taken the media attention as of late. The introduction of the iPad,  iPhone OS4, the unceramonius uncovering of a iPhone 4G prototype (or final product). All this media attention has left Microsoft some breathing room to continue on with developing their Windows 7 Phone. Not having a unit to test, well let’s face it I’m no Gizmodo or Engadget highly doubtful I’ll ever get free gadgets to test. At any rate not having a unit to test my comments are pure opinion and speculation. While like most of you I have seen photos and even some videos of this Microsoft offering and they are looking quiet nice. The interface looks slick and, dare I say it, intuitive! The question is has Microsoft come to a level that it can compete with iPhone and Android. Most Windows Mobile devices serve their purpose quiet well, great business phones. But times are changing, business people want not only productivity but fun and a product that gives them an experience not just function. So while the Windows 7 Phone is looking like it may fill the bill, it remains to be seen. Microsoft has been known to take something good only to reduce it to something less. Come on Microsoft! Step it up, let’s get some innovation, take a step out and take a risk! Windows 7 Phone Wiki


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