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The HP Slate (iPad killer?)

I remember when tablet PC’s were all the rage. Companies like HP and Fujitsu were heading up that market and actually did half decent. Then tablets fell to the wayside with their difficult interfaces and bulkiness they just didn’t catch the wind. Now Apple has their new iPad and the competition is hot on their heels. Check out one of the latest Gizmodo blog entries with credit for the HP Slate review going to Conecti.ca. You can find Gizmodo’s commentary HERE with links to Conecti.ca’s review. Personally I agree with the assessment that this is nothing more than a netbook without a keyboard. What makes iPad something more than that is the User Interface and App Store. The iPad is not a Macbook with no keyboard, it is a completely different machine. Come on PC makers! Get creative! I think the closest competition to the iPad will come from Google’s Android tablet when that finally hits.


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