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Microsoft Kin, A Soft Launch Before Windows 7 Phones?

So Microsoft has a couple new phones out on the market aptly named the Kin. Some bloggers have dubbed them smartdumbphones due to their specialized niche market. The Kin seems to be targeting the high school and college crowd with its social networking capabilities and full QWERTY keyboard. Phones like the iPhone and Android phones tend to have on screen touch keyboards that are not as accurate as a physical keyboard (at least in the case of power texting). I think Microsoft has something good going here with the Kin. There are going to be plenty of preteens and teens who have just what they need, full physical keyboard and access to the most popular social networking sites at their fingertips. The Kin combines these two features with a smaller yet functional touch screen interface and the power of their Zune behind the integrated mp3 player. I like this phone as a soft launch towards the upcoming Windows 7 Phone. For more on the Kin check out KIN.


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