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Droid Incredible

So yet another post on a new handset out on the market. This time it’s from Google and HTC and the newest offering of their Android handset, the HTC Droid Incredible. Sporting the latest Android 2.1 OS reports are that this handset is fast, very fast, especially on 3G. From what I’ve seen despite the upgraded hardware and software, the user interface hasn’t changed all that much from the pervious Droid handsets. Google is trying hard to catch Apple in the smartphone race and things seem to get tighter by the day. All the Android phones have a very nice design and usability that is very appealing. There are a few things that work for Google in the phone market. First the open platform Android is built on, Google encourages new software for the phone and whatever apps you see fit to make, install or whatever. This reason alone is why many developers have moved from iPhone app developing to Android app developing, though Apple’s app store still boasts a broader selection of apps. This open source and open platform also hurts Google, in my opinion. Apple keeps development on a tight reign and for good reason, I think that their process not only protects their brand but the consumer as well. Steve Jobs pointed out that there is no porn store in the Apple app store, but you could get that on Google’s app store. So you can look at it either way, a win for open platform or a loss and risk for open platform, in the end you make the call with your wallet. At any rate, it is clear that Google Android (and HTC, the manufacturer of the majority of Android phones) is here for the long haul and they are working very hard to put out an excellent product. Check out the review of the Droid Incredible over on CNET.


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