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Will The New iPhone 4G Please Stand Up!

So a couple days ago I stumbled on a super find over on  Engadget.com they had pics of the new iPhone 4G!? Holy crap! I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I was a bit curious about the story. How could someone lose this puppy in a bar in San Jose!? I took it for what it was worth and fawned over the pictures hoping that it was indeed the new iPhone. Well Monday comes along and Gizmodo posts on it’s blog a super exclusive. iPhone 4G in their hands, disassembled and photographed, non-functioning. Some of the same pics from Endadget now on Gizmodo but with two different stories, kind of. Instead of a bar in San Jose this phone was found in a bar in Redwood? What the hell is going on? Gizmodo uses the name of an Apple contact in it’s story (John Gruber) and promptly Mr. Gruber responds to Gizmodo’s post Daring Fireball. Now we get intel that Gizmodo bought this “stolen” iPhone from someone and turns out the bar story may not be true. Clarification from the gadget blogs is in order here and the phone should be returned to Apple, I would say. Whatever happens, it’s a nice looking phone and we shall see what the real iPhone 4G looks like come summer.

Thanks to Gizmodo, Engadget and Daring Fireball for links to their respective pages. Picture posted is the property of Gizmodo.com

Gizmodo YouTube Video


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