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The PowerBook G4

So here we are with a nice fancy fairly new Windows Vista (Gateway) PC. We used this thing for three years and each year it became slower, crashed more and finally pooped itself out. And right in the midst of my trying to earn my degree in Networking (POOP) it takes a dump. I will tell you what, there’s nothing worse than a dead PC and an empty wallet. So I hung my head low wondering what in God’s name am I going to do. Then I remembered a project I had sitting in the closet I’d meant to do a year ago. DING! That old Apple Powerbook G4! All it needs is memory, a new hard drive and a power supply! Damn, I’m broke! A few weeks pass by and all of a sudden BOOM! I found a friend who has an old 80G hard drive and 2G of memory I can have, i jump on ebay and get a power supply from ebay and the beast is complete! Getting to the point of the story soon. I installed the goods and the OS fired her up and we were back in business! Now you have to understand, this is my first mac, and it’s 10 years old. This thing is amazing, it runs smooth does a great job on everything I use it for. My wife swore up and down she’d never get used to the mac or ever like the mac, she’s strictly Windows. Guess what, she’s in love with the mac now. Haha! This old pile of crap saved my butt from having to finance a new PC for school. Sure they require work to be turned in using Office, but I got OpenOffice for free and it works like a charm! So the point of the story is, my 3 year old PC dies and is replaced by a 10 year old Apple, truly insane! Both the wife and I have vowed to buy only Apple products from that day forward, hence the iPhone. Well, I hope what I’m posting is of interest to someone, I guess you can call me an official Apple fanboy and you’re gonna find a lot of posts in this blog pertaining to Apple, hopefully that doesn’t affect your visits to my little corner of the web. Look out for my next post, going to do a short review and rating of the DiabloTek HDD Docking Station.


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