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Netflix for iPhone

OK. So the iPad is coming soon and boy would I like to get my hands on that thing but forget that for now and let’s talk about the Netflix App on the iPad. You know it’s bad enough I can’t install Silverlight on my PPC and watch movies at home, now Netflix is only making an app for iPad!? What about us iPhone users? Hello Netflix!! Look over here please, it’s the iPhone users waving thier arms big asking for a Neflix app for iPhone. I mean why wouldn’t they? It only makes sense, the iPhone can handle an app like that and I think most people could accept a wi-fi only app for the iPhone (I mean that is a lot of data to stream on 3G). iPhone users are screaming for this app Netflix, give it to them, I bet Netflix would increase their membership substanialy if they came out with the app. So bring it on Netflix, don’t be shy, we can handle it. Feel free to post a comment on your thoughts about a Netflix iPhone app.


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