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I like this new gadget, they call it an iPhone

So here it is 2010 and I have finally got my pudgy fingers on my very own iPhone, that nap under the rock was killer on my back! Seriously, I’ve really not become Howard Hughes. Life get’s complicated when you have a child then get divorced then remarry and have more children, my current wife is a Saint!  (NO COMMENT ON THE EX!) So I’ve been happily playing with my new iPhone for about three weeks now, I know I know, I should have waited for the 4G coming in July. You people just don’t understand how hard it was to get this 3G out of my wife as it stands, I jumped at the offer quick fearing the 4G would change her mind. At any rate, been playing with this thing for about three weeks now and have to say it is the best phone I have ever owned. I’ve played with other smartphones, I had a Blackberry (bought that used), had an HTC Dash (again used POS) and an HTC Tilt (used used used) and none of them had the intuitive interface the iPhone has. The amount of applications in the iTunes store is overwhelming and there really is an app for everything, and most of the time you can find it for free! I’ve only purchased one app, Angry Birds, the wife and I got hooked on the damn thing, had to get all the levels. My brother and a few friends had the iPhone way before I did and I never heard the end of the praise and glory the damn thing got! Now I know why. I really think the iPhone offers it’s users an overall better mobile experience than any other mobile phone out there. Yes Android lovers, even the mighty Google has not the reach on the iPhone. When this iPhone offer came up from my wife I thought of switching to Verizon and getting The Droid, so I went and played and tested it. Without a doubt I have made the correct choice, iPhone is everything I need in one small package. I know it’s clichéd but what I keep hearing about Apple is “Apple just works”. I have no arguments with that statement, Apple just works!

Stay tuned for my next post where I will cover old techno news, a small soap box rant about my PowerBook G4, heh heh.


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